3 Day quote Challenge – Day 3

For my final day of the 3 day quote challenge, I have decided to chose my three favourite harry potter inspirational quotes, because come on guys, who doesn’t like a bit of Harry Potter to end their day with?



I chose this one, because this one is my ultimate favourite Harry Potter quote apart form the obvious one ‘You’re a Wizard Harry’ – Rubeus Hagrid. I chose the one above by Albus Dumbledore because this is just beautiful and was one of the parts in Harry Potter that got me through my depressive days when I was younger. We all have our depressive days, and I’m sure this quote sang to a lot of people. 🙂



This quote, has always been completely beautiful to me. Every time I read this I can hear Dumbledore’s voice in my head and it just gives me goose bumps every time. I just love this quote!



I had to include this one, because this one has been singing to me lately. It is extremely powerful and it is some good advice. It simply blows my mind away!

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I’ve really enjoyed participating in this 3 day quote challenge. I would like to thank Josephine once again for tagging me in this! 🙂


Friday Reads 21st September

Friday Reads was Founded by Shelley Wilson, anyone can join! All you have to do is write these:

  • First line of book
  • Recruit Fans by adding the book blurb
  • Introduce the main character using only 3 words
  • Delightful design (add the cover image of the book)
  • Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)
  • Your favourite line/scene

My Friday book share/ Friday Read is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella! I absolutely love this book, so this is the book I chose to share today!

  • First Line of the book:

‘Hello world, I’ve decided to start a blog’.

  • Recruit Fans by adding the book blurb:

‘Under the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, her crazy family and the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets Noah: a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Suddenly Penny is falling in love- and capturing every moment of it on her blog. But Noah has a secret too. One that threatens to ruin Penny’s cover – and her closest friendship – forever.’

  • Introduce the main character using only 3 words
  1. emotional
  2. young
  3. excitement
  • Delightful design (add the cover image of the book)


  • Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Any one that loves a story about how a young teenage girl that’s trying to get through the high school drama scene, while being in love, being a blogger and suffering from anxiety. This story is basically a young adult love story that is set during the teen years. It is easily relatable so easily to get attached to! I got attached to this because I can relate so much to this. It is so well written and easy to read, you just fall in love easily. Its a book for all ages.

  • Your favourite line/scene

One of my favourite scenes in the book is when Penny is whisked away from a wedding reception by the mysterious Noah to the roof topic for a night picnic under the New York stars. I love this scene because Penny demonstrated all those feelings you have when you are first falling in love when you’re a teenager. Its just full of happiness, love, excitement, shyness, just everything that resembles those butterfly feelings you get when you first go on a date with the guy you have a crush on. I’m a sucker for the corny love scenes 🙂


What’s a book you would want to recommend? comment below or make your own Friday book share post 🙂


Top 10 Tuesday

Today I am doing my first blog on Top 10 Tuesday which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish: http://www.brokeandbookish.com/

This week the feature is; 10 Characters names you would name a child/pet/car etc after. This should be interesting and fun, so everyone give it a go!

  1. My first name is tricky because I would use this one to name a daughter or a really cute black kitten. This name is Lily, from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. I’ve always loved this name, because it is such a sweet name that was given to a character that was full of love. I just Love it to bits!!
  2. I love the name Jace, this characters name is from the Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare. I love this name because it is just so different and it sounds really nice and modern. I would use this name for a son, especially if the son is the eldest sibling because I would like to think he would be the protector for his siblings and the ones he cares for like Jace does in Mortal Instruments.
  3. Clary, is my third name that I have picked, yes it’s from the same book series as the one above, The Mortal Instruments series. I would also name my daughter this name because I think it is just a beautiful name! It’s original and not boring. I’m a sucker for originality.
  4. Belle. I absolutely love this name! This is because it is from my favourite book and movie; Beauty and The Beast. This name is just sweet and has a nice soft vibe to it, I would use this name for a daughter.
  5. Dimitri, this is from another favourite book series: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I absolutely love the sound of this name, its just so original and sounds handsome. I know, how can a name sound handsome? 🙂 I would use this name for a son.
  6. Penny, I absolutely love this name. It’s from one of my top 5 book series; Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I think this name is absolutely gorgeous and I would use it for a pet cat or rabbit.
  7. Charlotte, the name that is so well known from Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. This was my one of my favourite go to books as a child and I think the name is pretty and wonderful. I would use it for a daughter.
  8. Cheshire, every one knows this name: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I love the sound of the name, however, I probably wouldn’t use this name for a cat, I would use it for a rabbit or guinea Pig instead! 🙂
  9. Buffy, I have already used this name, I used this name as a child to call my pet Guinea Pig. This is from the book series Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Mel Odom, Christopher Golden and Nancy Holden.
  10. Lissa, from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I would use this name for a daughter. 🙂

These are my top 10 favourite characters names that I would use to name a child or pet. Please feel free to join in by even writing your own on your blog, writing yours in the comments or just giving me your thoughts on names that you like, they do not have to be from books. 🙂 Just have some fun with it! 😀