3 Day quote Challenge – Day 3

For my final day of the 3 day quote challenge, I have decided to chose my three favourite harry potter inspirational quotes, because come on guys, who doesn’t like a bit of Harry Potter to end their day with?



I chose this one, because this one is my ultimate favourite Harry Potter quote apart form the obvious one ‘You’re a Wizard Harry’ – Rubeus Hagrid. I chose the one above by Albus Dumbledore because this is just beautiful and was one of the parts in Harry Potter that got me through my depressive days when I was younger. We all have our depressive days, and I’m sure this quote sang to a lot of people. 🙂



This quote, has always been completely beautiful to me. Every time I read this I can hear Dumbledore’s voice in my head and it just gives me goose bumps every time. I just love this quote!



I had to include this one, because this one has been singing to me lately. It is extremely powerful and it is some good advice. It simply blows my mind away!

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I’ve really enjoyed participating in this 3 day quote challenge. I would like to thank Josephine once again for tagging me in this! 🙂