About – The beginning


My Name is Rose,

I was being taught to read at the young of 3 or 4. When I started to enjoy reading (maybe age 5-6) I got to the point where I had read all the books at my school that we were allowed to read at that age, my Dad handed me Harry Potter and the Philosphers stone by J.K Rowling, I was only 7! I love a challenge with reading! Who doesn’t? Reading books, particularly young adults books takes me on a new adventure, that sometimes I don’t want to end. For example who is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter in the Mail? I know I am! It would be a dream come true for most readers!

Apart from Harry Potter being a massive inspiration to me, Thanks J.K Rowling! I have another series that has been a massive help to me these past 2 years! Girl online by Zoe Sugg, which most people know as the youtuber ‘Zoella’! This book has been a massive influence and got me back into my love of books after having a rough patch in life, which we all go through! You can find more on how much this series meant to me in the ‘inspirations section’!! If you have anxiety and are a young adult this is the book for you, male or female! 🙂

I’ve started this blog because after reading the book ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’ I noticed that this is one book that many people think different about and interpret scenes differently, it absolutely intrigued me! So this blog is designed for me to express my thoughts and opinions on a book and have people share theirs, compare and contrast. Because honestly, who doesn’t love having people to talk to when it comes to books!

So here we go, on adventures not just on our own but together! 🙂