Mortal Instruments and Infernal Device order

I’m currently reading The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare for the like 10th time! Because, HELLO! who doesn’t love this series!

However, I have not yet read the Infernal device series yet or Lady midnight which is the first book in the Dark artifices series by Cassandra Clare. My friend told me that to get the real experience there was a particular order to read all these books in because they all intertwine. So I went for a hunt, I found this website it has everything you can think of when it comes to The Mortal Instruments series!

It advises the order to read the two series; The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices as follows:

Read the First three books of Mortal Instruments:

  1. City of Bones
  2. City of Ashes
  3. City of Glass.

Read the First book of Infernal Devices:

  1.  Clock work Angel

Read book four of Mortal Instruments:

4. City of fallen Angels

Read book two of Infernal devices:

2. Clock work Prince

Read book 5 of Mortal Instruments:

5. City of Lost Souls

Read the last book to infernal devices:

3. Clockwork Princess

Read book 6 of Mortal Instruments:

6. City of Heavenly fire.

You can then head on to read The first book to the Dark Artifices series: Lady Midnight14686117_190981504675733_592452366_n.jpg

I have actually like the way this has been ordered, because it is actually in order of publication. I’m currently finishing the third book to the Mortal Instruments, ready to start book one in Infernal devices. I have not read the infernal devices yet so I’ll definitely be righting my opinion and view on the series when I finish reading them.

Has anyone else found this reading order helpful or have you read these differently?




6 thoughts on “Mortal Instruments and Infernal Device order

    • I will definitely keep reading! I love Mortal instruments which why I’m reading them again 🙂 I can’t get enough of them!! I’m excited to read infernal devices for the first time!! 🙂

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